• Benefits of Re-Manufactured


    Offering "equal to new" product at "used" furniture prices.


    Reduces waste in our landfills & preserves our natural resources

    Unique Look

    Unlimited fabric and laminate options

    Company image

    It is a responsible and prudent purchasing decision

    Lead times

    Custom lead times to get projects done on time

    Blended Options

    Re-manufactured, new, & preowned products can be combined for a great value driven look

About RSFi Office Furniture

Solutions. Value. Comfort.

At RSFi we have the expertise and the resources to be the solution to any office space requirement in a way that no other furniture dealer can. We have a unique blend of new, pre-owned, re-manufactured and custom products to supply unprecedented value, and we are easy to deal with. We strive to make your furniture project a successful one and a comfortable experience.

  • Nowhere in central Ohio will you find more selection and faster delivery on quality; brand name new, re-manufactured, and pre-owned office furniture.

  • No one even comes close!!

  • 1-3 weeks on remanufactured work stations. Dozens of quick ship suppliers to meet your deadlines.

Company History

In 1992, John Thomas, Ron Morris, Jim Ellison and their team of seasoned professionals became the entrepreneurial force directing the furniture recycling trend in Columbus. They realized the vast availability of used Grade A systems furniture available as well as having the burden to preserve the environment. This propelled RSFi to pursue the concept of remanufacturing modular furniture. They began studying remanufacturing techniques that would give businesses the professional look they want with a bottom line they could afford. Today, RSFi is a full service office furniture dealer that now offers new and pre-owned products giving them a unique blend of value and solutions.